Run EcoPlan

EcoPlan lets you optimize delivery and pick up route plans. It is the ideal easy-to-implement office solution for companies wishing to adopt a simple tool with a rapid return on investment.
Data Loading
Locating customers and resources

Easy integration and automatic placement of customers and resources on the map.

Smart Routing and EV Priorisation
Sophisticated constraint configuration

User-friendly wizard for configuring customer, agent and vehicle constraints.

Smart charging plan
Optimization of group plans

Reduction in distance covered and logistics costs, fleet sizing, emergency management.

Smart charging plan
Geographical representation and analysis

Resource assignment, districting, definition of delivery areas, siting of depots

Route Monitoring

Once the roads and the charging plan has been provided with all required details like charging stations, time slot charging, energy necessary to charge at each station, global cost (TCO) and CO2 emission, you are currently ready to start your trip.

Positioning customers and vehicles

Addresses are geo-coded by logging into the databases or simply by dragging and dropping the file on the map. The solution can also display vehicle location in real time.

Configuring constraints

EcoPlan takes account of all business constraints, no matter how complex:

  • customers: hours, visit frequency
  • mobile field forces: working hours, overnight stays, skills
  • vehicles: battery min level, battery security level, charging constraints (time slot cost,...), battery capacity, traffic constraints
  • operating costs: hourly costs, fixed costs using the vehicles or not, overall journey cost or by distance threshold

Route optimization

EcoPlan defines the optimal scheduling of your routes. You track the cost changes and savings generated by the optimization. In an emergency, you directly amend the visit sequence in the Gantt chart.

Route plan simulation

Simulate adding vehicles, Clients, Borns, Depots and the cost impact, calculate the advantages or otherwise of subcontracting rather than bringing deliveries in-house… : the planner can study different scenarios and make the best decisions.

Publishing the optimized routes

EcoPlan provide by an SMS service the link to get the schedules and routes of each of the drivers in your mobile.
The optimization results can also be sent to vehicle tracking services, on-board navigation systems or electronic diaries.

Geographical analysis

Optimized resource allocation, definition of realistic delivery areas, simulating the siting of depots… The geographical analysis features in EcoPlan enable you to make the best decisions in terms of organization and sales development.

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