At the time geolocation invades our lives, corporate databases have an abundance of geographic information (customers, prospects, competitors, networks, charging borns, smart charging…

Having the best geomarketing tools to analyse this data and developing efficient sales and marketing strategies is a must today!
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Optimised distribution networks

New site, geo-merchandising, optimal coverage

Smart Routing and EV Priorisation
An excellent customer relationship

Targeted communication, relevant and profitable marketing actions

Smart charging plan
Balanced sales territories

Effective organisation, team responsiveness, cost optimisation

Smart charging plan
An efficient and profitable strategy

Management, geographical dashboards, ongoing and controlled dissemination

Geomarketing solutions to optimise the market coverage of companies
Desktop Solution

  • an all-in-one geomarketing solution
  • 2D, 3D and 4D geographical analyses
  • Creation of catchment areas
  • Optimisation of marketing targeting
  • Exploitation of sales potential

Web Solution

  • Collaborative web solution
  • Creation of geomarketing analyses online
  • Dissemination of geographical knowledge
  • Automatic generation of geomarketing reports
  • Modular solution: location, targeting, districting
  • Secured private cloud
  • Quick start
  • Unprecedented display and calculation performance

The advantages of the Sales & Marketing range:
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Powerful tools for analysis and dissemination, Big Data management, predictive analyses

Smart Routing and EV Priorisation

Additional solutions for movement optimisation

Smart charging plan
Worldwide coverage

Accurate cartographic data, development of international strategies